Wine selling wholesale Cañamero Cañalva Winery

Cañalva Winery, Spanish Cellar producing wine of the highest quality, particularly the famous and recognized wine from Cañamero, we carry out the manufacture, distribution and wholesale of wine.

Our wines for wholesale trust under the River Guadiana, in the subzone of Cañamero, a town that gives its name to wines of known reputation and very specific and appreciated organoleptic Characteristics.

Cañalva Winery dedicated to the production and sale of wine in bulk, we have over half a century cultivating large Extremadura wines for discerning palates. Among our selling wine wholesale we have some of the most precious wines of the area and the River Guadiana, among them:

- Sale of Wine Wholesale Cañalva Special Blend

- Sale of Wine Wholesale Cañalva Tinto Roble

- Sale of Wine Wholesale Cañalva Selection

- Sale of Wine Wholesale Cañalva Cosecha

- Sale of Wine Wholesale Verdejo & Sauvignon Blanc

- Sale of Wine Wholesale Source Cortijo

- Sale of Wine Wholesale Light

- Selling Wholesale Cañalva Cava Brut and Semi Dry

As a specialist in the sale of Extremadura wine wholesale, we have special and custom prices for our customers from the HORECA (Hotels, Restaurants and Cafes) channel as well as for clients with a minimum volume of requests, all linked to the shipment Cañamero wines of our free and special purchasing conditions.

Therefore, if you are interested in buying wholesale wine we encourage you to refer directly to the contact section which you will find in the top menu of our well site or by telephone +34 927 369 405 or email As soon as possible, we answer your request and we will adapt to your specific needs without compromise.

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