Cañamero is famed for its ancient tradition in producing the best wines of the region of Extremadura.

It symbolises culture and quality, the fruit of a natural paradise that is the Villuercas, which imposes its own character, together with the ribera del Guadiana.

At Cañalva Wine Cellars, we have produced wine for three generations, with care, dedication and expertise, using the latest in modern technology to ensure that our wine reaches your table in perfect condition.An exquisite taste to accompany you on all occasions.

Our ancestors long ago began making wines, and through their efforts to constantly improve quality using the traditional methods of the period, fine wines came to be produced to satisfy a demanding market.

Having inherited those principles our aim is to carry on this tradition of improving the quality and excellence of our wines by the very latest methods.

From the moment the grape is carefully picked, through the process of production and bottling of the wine, to the professionalism of our commercialization service, our commitment is to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

Our desire is that you enjoy our wines to the full.


The cultivation of the vine was introduced to the region by the Romans and enjoyed as much by them as by the Visigoths.

During the Middle Age, the domination of Spain by the Arabs put an end to the winegrowing tradition inherited from the Romans, since the Koran prohibits the consumption of alcoholic beverages unless no other kind of drink is available.

The celebration of the Holy Mass, however, requires the presence of wine. Muslim tolerance did not allow the winegrowing tradition to be lost until monasteries such as the Real Monastery of Guadalupe, built to commemorate the battle of Salado, began to flourish in the region.

These monasteries became refuges where wines were produced by experts, new techniques were developed to give them a quality unknown up to that time, and areas of influence were created.

The Real de Guadalupe Monastery, the birthplace of Hispanicism, not only influenced the Villuercas, but far beyond that reached the Americas, where vines and production techniques prosper today with an extraordinary vitality.


Winemaking Cañalva

The different varieties of grapes, having reached optimal maturation on the vines, are picked with the utmost care.

They are then carefully transported to the winery where they undergo further tests of quality control.

Different methods of processing produce a range of excellent wines from red wines produced by the classical method of storing both the juice of the grapes together with pulp and skins in vats, to young white wines, where the stems are removed and the grapes are crushed.

And the “pitarra” wines too, so peculiar to our privileged grape-growing region, have their own method of production.


Aging of our wines Cañalva

Our wines are aged in American and Frech oak barrels which are hand-crafted by the finest barrel-makers.

Inside the barrels, the ageing and stabilization processes of the wines commence.

Once the wood-ageing process, 6 to 10 months, is completed, the wines from Cañalva Wine Cellars continue to calmly mature in the bottle until they finally reach complete refinement and roundness.